Accommodation in Giant Mountains Chalupa u Horníků


chalupa2The cottage is located by the Jizera river near the forest. The cottage is located just 30 m on main road between Jilemnice and Horni Misečky. The closest village Vítkovice is not even a kilometr from the cottage. Getting to and from the cottage from Prague is very easy and safe with direct buses running daily. There is a large car park by the road but the cattage its self is located away from the road. The whole area is very peaseful. The only sounds to be heard are the river and the trees.

The cattage is fully equiped and furnished. In the lobby is a large kitchen with the posibility of cooking either on a woodburning stove or electric stove with a induction stove. The kitchen is eqipted with the latest modern gadgets such as an owen, microwave, dishwasher and mixer. Next to the kitchen is a 42m2 living room. This living room is heated by a big woodburning stove. Also available ping-pong, darts, black board, piano and limited space for dancing in case of bad weather.

It is possible to bring your own beer barrels of either Pilsner or Staropramen becouse there is a device for pulling your own beer.

Absolutely no smoking is allowed inside!!!!