Accommodation in Giant Mountains Chalupa u Horníků

Farm Hucul

Hucul Farm is located close to the cottage , more just go on the road towards Upper Mountains . Then just a sharp turn for the hotel doorstep. The path from the road a couple of miles through the woods and the last piece of the bows . Farm Hucul named after breeds of horses that are bred on this farm . Horses have a pasture with an area of ​​130 hectares , according to the number of horses this farm with one horse breed hucul one of the largest in the Czech Republic. Farm Hucul is also engaged in the sale of horses, the choice usually between 1-5 horses.

Services that offers many farm . Since the farm Hucul a lot of horses and space, offers training or passing on horseback for many people , such as camps or school events . Horse riding, which offers farm Hucul , can be divided into several categories. The first is to ride in the countryside with a guide. These horse riding can be from one to seven hourly . These drives offer farm Hucul without prior training, except for children 9 to 12 years , the parents must agree with the previous training. It is also possible to hucul horseback ride faster , thus gallop or canter , these drives are safety reasons for advanced . In addition to special opportunities for young children is also able to use fitness riding. This type of drive is used to treat certain diseases. This drive performs Hucul farm worker .

Also available accommodation timbered pub. It has 30 beds for two to four to a room, each with its own bathroom. It is also a dining room , which can also be used as a lounge. HUCUL Farm also offers catering accommodation options in the form of semi or full board.

There is also a farm Hucul playground, built by students from the Brno school of sculpture. In areas ranging goats for the joy of small children.