Accommodation in Giant Mountains Chalupa u Horníků

Vitkovice in Giant M.

Vitkovice is a village located in the district. Its altitude is 683 meters above sea level. The first written records about the village dates from the 16th and 17 century . For historical monuments is necessary to mention the baroque church. Peter and Paul and the statue of John of Nepomuk.

There is also a post office, kindergarten and elementary school . In the nearby Hotel Jasmin is an indoor pool . Local Hucul farm offers horseback ride for more experienced riders and rides in the mountains. There is one grocery store and wooden toys Burák , which really find what you need . Directly below this grocery store is several outdoor playgrounds , where you can stretch net . Farther on is najímatelná gym with direct access from the outside , which are held social events . The gym can be used for multiple purposes as follows . There is piped water , in the back part is hidden behind the net , kitchenette. In spodnějším floor are also toilets and showers. If necessary, the space can assemble the wooden platform and there is a lot of chairs.

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Due to its position, Vitkovice ideal starting point for hiking and cycling. Places like Dvoračky, Rezek, Rovinka , Upper Mountains , Golden hill , are available both on the bike and on foot. The mountain environment offers many beautiful routes in the western and middle. For example, close – leading Benecko Stepanicka circuit with the prospect of Boiler and original architecture in upper Štěpanice . Or you can go through a marked hiking trail to the neighborhood. About 3.5 km away is the Rychlovský castle built by the extraction of stone. However, a pleasant walk in the fresh mountain air, just do a few steps and go into the forest. There are also several opportunities to hunt for the now popular geocaching .
In winter it is possible to use several nearby ski areas. Skiing center offers chairlift and two ski trails. In good weather is beautiful night skiing until 21 hours . Another possible place is Vurmovka area where the ideal target children . In the wider area , you can go to Benecko (about 8 km), or to Herlikovice . More about the ski area and a Giant Mountains go to the Giant and the surrounding area.

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